21 Required Skills


Below are the skills taught to you hands on that are set by the Florida Board of Nursing

1) Handwashing 

2) Measure and recording respiration 

3) Bedpan  

4) Dressing the resident 

5) Providing Mouth Care with Teeth 

6) Providing Mouth Care with Dentures 

7) Transfer (bed to wheelchair)

8) Changing an Occupied Bed 

9) Feeding the resident 

10) Performing passive ROM (elbow and wrist) 

11) Performing passive ROM (shoulder) 

12) Performing passive ROM (hip, knee and ankle) 

13) Partial bed bath 

14) Perineal care 

15) Catheter care 

16) Measure and record pulse 

17) Change of position 

18) Hand and nail care 

19) Urinary drainage care 

20) Ambulation 

21) Foot care