Additional Options


Unlimited Package-$125

You will be able to observe (watch other classes being taught) and practice (in our second classroom) the 21 skills that the Florida Board of Nursing requires you to know. This package does not include your study book, which includes your step by step instructions on each skill and the chapter's you will want to read with questions and answers for your written portion of your test. $65 to purchase this book.  It will include the supplies that you need to use during your practice and a Skills at a Glance packet.

Refresher Course- $85

With this course the instructor will be showing you all 21 skills within 5 hours. There is no practice time or the ability to physically do the skills shown to you. You must register and pay in advance in order to schedule this course. We will usually schedule this course within 1-2 days before your test date.

Private Lessons- prices vary (see below)

All private lessons are 4 hours of you doing the skills that you need help with. There will be a instructor in the room. 

1 student-                      $100                    (we will have another student act as your resident, but they can 

                                                                           not do any of the skills or help in anyway)

2 students-                    $50 each           (both students will act as the resident while performing skills)  

3 to 5 students-           $25 each           (both students will act as the resident while performing skills)