Class and Testing Requirements

There are no educational requirements to take this course or your state exam.

There are no required amount of hours to take your test or to work. The college (accredited) courses range from bout $800 and above. The college credit that you receive is an elective credit and does not transfer to any additional schooling that you may take. The Florida Board of Nursing allows you to challenge your state exam without taking any schooling, but is highly recommended to at least take a test prep course like ours. All skills are specific to testing and you are required to know the details within the skill. Youtube videos have been known to guarantee your fail.

You must be at least 17-with parental consent; or 18 or older without. 

You must also have a government issued photo ID and a social security number (testing purposes only)    


Course $ 395 Includes: (on sale now for $275-limited time only-no other coupons apply to sale price)

*Registration and tuition 

* Hands on Training 

* Additional Observation and Practicing after class is over (during reg. class times and depending on availability) 

* All supplies needed during class and during your practice time

* Your class book (specific to the state of Florida CNA exam)    


State Exam $155 (subject to change per the Board of Nursing)

This fee is for your testing and processing (License is issued by the Board of Nursing) This test will be in two sections: written (which is on the computer-multiple choice) and clinical (which you are required to show the nurse 3 skills picked for you)

Your state exam  fee is subject to change and must be paid in full at time of paying for your test   

** We are a state approved testing site. We guarantee that you will test here at this facility and not be sent someplace else at no additional cost to you.    

Additional Fees

Level 2 Fingerprinting and Background Check $82.02

All Healthcare Professionals are required by law to have a Level 2 Fingerprinting and Background Check. This must be done before you are scheduled for your test and before you can start working. 

We will help you set up your appointment. At the time of scheduling your appointment you will need to make the payment. They only accept all major credit and debit cards at this time.