Florida Medication Administration Course

6 hours - $350 *See Below for Next Available Class*

        During this course you will be taught the required training for licensed/unlicensed CNA or caregivers involved  with the management of medications and assisting with the  self-administration of medications under Section 429.256.   Licensed/unlicensed staff must complete this initial 6 hours of training  provided by a registered nurse or licensed pharmacist prior to assisting  a resident with self-administration of medications. 

       Students will learn proper handling techniques and be proficient in reading prescription labels. 


What Do Medication Technicians Do?  

      You will prepare and  administer pharmaceutical medications to patients, residents and clients. You will also keep detailed records of the medications prescribed and the side effects that are experienced after receiving medications.

     Med Techs typically work under the supervision of nurses {RNs}. You are usually  employed in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, drug treatment facilities, homecare careers and more.

     There is strong, growing demand for medication technicians {Med Techs}. Most employers will also pay anywhere from $1 to $3 more per hour. In addition to your pay increase- when you are at a interview with several people- employers will always look at you first since you have your Med Tech certification rather than hiring someone who doesn't have it.

Must call to reserve seat

         Due to limited availability and seating. You are required to call the office to reserve your seat. 

        $150 {non-refundable} fee is due at the time of reserving your seat. We will not hold any seats without this fee being paid first.

        If you do not show up for class or if you need to reschedule your class there is a $50 rescheduling fee.

CLASS DATES AND TIMES CHANGE MONTHLY- all classes are based on the availability of the nurse {RN} who is teaching.

We have dates available up to August- please call the office if you need a later date then what is listed below.