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Course Information


            CNA’s, as well as every healthcare provider, is required to have CPR with AED and ventilation training before starting employment. Our instructor will provide all the necessary material and hands on training required by the American Heart Association 

                                        {AHA-2 yr certification}

            During this class you will have videos and a book provided to you to use in the classroom. The class book is available to you to read over anytime you want before, during and after class. On the day of your class you will also receive your test and certification. 

           If you are needing to re-certify {expired certification} you are required to retake the class. Since procedures are constantly changing there is no way to just pay a fee and watch a video.

         Be careful of online classes- a online class would require you to pay to watch the videos and then you will need to call an instructor to perform the physical portion of the CPR and make another payment. 

To sign up

        In order to be placed on the class roster you are required to put a deposit of $25 and the remaining balance is due no later than the day of class.  You must register ahead of time-space is limited and fills up fast.    

          Click on the button below-in the "MESSAGE" box make sure to state that you are registering for the BLS class and we will call you for the reserve fee. You can also come into the office to make any payments. 

         The reserve fee is non-refundable- if you need to reschedule your class there is a $20 rescheduling fee.